Virtual CyberSec Event for our Members

It was a great event last night, the 22nd of September. We discussed about the latest developments regarding our Chapter, as well as (ISC)². Don’t forget to let your colleagues who are considering switching to the CyberSecurity profession about the new introductory certification CC ( and the new Candidate Membership level (

We are grateful to our speakers for presenting thought-provoking content and keeping us all engaged throughout the event.

Thank you Georgios Vernados for presenting some of the latest Cybersec trends. 

Thank you also Konstantina SyntilaAntonis Proimadis and Nikos Simos for discussing why firewalls and UTMs are just a small fraction of the -sine qua non- security control set and should be considered as nothing more, especially in the cloudy era we live in and for presenting various other security controls that have become a necessity in the new all-digital environment.

Finally, thank you Panagiotis Rizomiliotis for presenting the latest developments around homomorphic encryption. It seems we are close to actual commercial use and this will revolutionise the way we treat certain risks.


Hosting (ISC)2 Leadership

We were honoured to host (ISC)² leadership at an exclusive event, exchanging ideas about ways to advance the profession, about the future of Chapters and even the future of (ISC)². Thank you for the opportunity, Clar RossoTara Wisniewski and Jon France CISSP!

Active (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter members were there, experienced professionals both from our Sponsors and from representative market segments, to join the discussion and provide useful insights.

We raised a toast to our Chapter for being awarded this year’s EMEA Chapter Recognition Award. We await for the Award itself to be presented to the Chapter during this year’s (ISC)² Security Congress, so that we can all celebrate for being part of the team that made it possible!

Quiz: Which TV channel was there with us, interviewing (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Board Members and (ISC)² leadership? To be continued…


Regular Chapter Event – a virtual one, this time

Our next event is coming up on the 22nd of September! This one will be a virtual event. Please register using this form before the 21st of September; you will receive the Zoom link on the day of the event.

Event’s Agenda:

18:15-18:30  Welcome

18.30-19.00  Chapter Update, (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Board

19.00-19:20 Five trends affecting the cybersecurity landscape,
👉 Georgios Vernados, Digital Identity Lead, Accenture

19:20-20:10 The Firewall is dead; long live the Firewall?
👉 Antonis Proimadis, SE Manager, Fortinet
👉 Nikos Simos, Technical Manager, Pylones
👉 Konstantina Syntila, Cyber Security Sales Specialist, Ciscο
Panel moderator: John ILIADIS, (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Board, IT Infrastructure Manager, TEIRESIAS

20.10-20.30 Confidential Computing: the rise of homomorphic encryption
👉 Panagiotis Rizomiliotis, Assistant Professor, Harokopio University of Athens 

20:30-21:00  Open Discussion


Διεθνής Αναγνώριση για το (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter

Το (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter τιμήθηκε με το διεθνές βραβείο 2022 Chapter Recognition Award, για την περιοχή της Ευρώπης, της Μέσης Ανατολής και της Αφρικής (ΕΜΕΑ), στα πλαίσια των βραβείων Global Achievement Awards του (ISC)2, του μεγαλύτερου οργανισμού πιστοποιημένων επαγγελματιών Ασφάλειας Πληροφοριών στον κόσμο.

Το βραβείο αυτό αποτελεί διεθνή αναγνώριση των δράσεων του (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter στη διαρκή υποστήριξη και κατάρτιση των επαγγελματιών Ασφάλειας Πληροφοριών, αλλά και την ενημέρωση του ευρύτερου κοινού για ζητήματα Κυβερνοασφάλειας.

Τους τελευταίους μήνες, το (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter έχει εκπροσωπηθεί σε περισσότερα από 15 εθνικά και διεθνή συνέδρια Ασφάλειας Πληροφοριών, έχει δημοσιεύσει 5 άρθρα σε διάφορα έντυπα, ενώ έχει οργανώσει περισσότερες από 8 συναντήσεις για τα μέλη του, φιλοξενώντας επιφανή στελέχη της διεθνούς αγοράς, προσφέροντας μια πλατφόρμα ενημέρωσης και εκπαίδευσης με σκοπό τη διεύρυνση της ελληνικής κοινότητας Κυβερνοασφάλειας.

Παράλληλα, εισήγαγε στην ελληνική αγορά τη διεθνώς αναγνωρισμένη πιστοποίηση Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), συνέχισε τις εκπαιδεύσεις για την πιστοποίηση Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), ενώ σύντομα θα διαθέσει και την entry-level πιστοποίηση Certified in Cybersecurity  (CC).

Παράλληλα, μέλη και φίλοι του Chapter οργάνωσαν και συμμετείχαν σε περισσότερες από 10 εκπαιδεύσεις για ζητήματα Κυβερνοασφάλειας σε σχολεία και ιδιωτικούς οργανισμούς, σύμφωνα με το πρότυπο υλικό Safe and Secure Online και ανέπτυξαν πρωτότυπο οπτικοακουστικό υλικό για μαθητές, σε συνεργασία με άλλους φορείς της κοινότητας, το οποίο διατίθεται δωρεάν στην ιστοσελίδα του.

Το (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter θέλει να ευχαριστήσει τα μέλη του, τους Χορηγούς (αλφαβητικά: Accenture, Cisco, Deloitte, EY, Fortinet, ICT Protect, Neurosoft, Pylones, Systecom, Twelvesec και Unisystems) και τους υποστηρικτές του (Algosystems, Alphabit, ESET και NSS, αντίστοιχα), καθώς και τις εταιρείες Microsoft, OTEAcademy & Red Communications για την πολύτιμη συνεισφορά τους.


Multi-Chapter International Conference

We are thrilled to announce that (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter along with (ISC)² Chapters from New Jersey, Poland, Israel, Belgium, Luxembourg and Uganda, have created the 1st International (ISC)² Chapter Conference! 

➣We have roughly 30 speaking slots available, so if you are an (ISC)² Chapter Member from anywhere across the world and would like to give a talk, please fill out our Call for Papers form.

Here are the details about this upcoming event:
➣Date: December 1, 2022
➣Time: 18:00-21:00 (GMT+2)
➣Cost: FREE to all (ISC)² Chapter Members / $50 for Non-Chapter Members
➣Location: Virtual 
➣You will receive 3 CPEs for attending.

➣Don’t miss it! Register for this unique virtual conference. 


Payments360 Conference: Cyber Risk in a state of flux

Our Board Member, John Iliadis, delivered a talk at BOUSSIAS Payments360 Conference, presenting the way Cyber Risk and its treatment is being transformed due to the global ever-changing macro-environment that has emerged since COVID-19.


Infocom Security Conference – The future of CyberSec Workforce

Both our Membership Chair Argyris Makrygeorgoy and our Content & Alliances Officer Lefteris Tzelepis delivered interesting presentations at Infocom Security 2022. They presented the ways that the global cybersecurity skill shortage is being addressed and shared (ISC)² and (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter insights with respect to this issue.

They also announced that  (ISC)² started providing globally an entry-level cybersecurity certification, accompanied by a self-paced educational course for free to one million new professionals starting a career in cybersecurity!

Given that the gap in cybersecurity professionals is currently 2.7mil, according to the latest research by (ISC)², this new initiative will continue our mission to inspire a safe and secure cyber world by providing a path for more entrants into the field.


Infocom Security: first time physical attendance since COVID-19!

Smart Press S.A. and IT Security Professional are organising the first Infocom Security conference to take place with physical attendance since COVID-19! Two days, the 6th and 7th of July 2022, packed with intriguing infosec sessions. (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter will be there, delivering one of the opening speeches and participating in panels, among others.

Just be there.

Free registration here!


Our first physical-attendance event since since COVID-19!

We celebrated our “back to normal” earlier this week, returning to physical events after almost 2,5 years! A big thanks to almost 100 people that attended our 2022 Summer Update event.

Coming at the venue, we found our logo to the wall of fame at OTEAcademy! We have to say we feel really proud to be recognized among the top skilling institutions 🙂

We also hosted our members and industry experts Panagiotis PapagiannakopoulosChristos TopakasIoannis KypraiosChristos Syngelakis and Thomas Dompridis, for an intense discussion on the latest trends, the NIS2 Directive and the DORA (and more…)

We -at last- awarded the honorary membership status to our “founding fathers”, George AslanidisAndreas KoidisStathis MavrovouniotisThanassis DiogosAlex Belsis,Yiannis Koukouras and Kostas Papadatos, which we can’t thank them enough for their inspiring service and their tremendous support.


Payments360 Conference

BOUSSIAS Payments360 Conference is coming up with a lot of interesting updates on digital payments.

Our Board Member, John ILIADIS, will be representing the (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter, delivering one of the presentations concerning the new risks that have emerged during the current period and the new regulations that affect directly or indirectly this sector’s modus operandi.  


Our first event with physical attendance since COVID-19!

The time has come for (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Members to enjoy our first event with physical attendance since COVID-19! The event will take place at the premises of OTE Academy, June 16th 18:15. The Agenda is attached to this post.

(ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Members can register using this form.

We appreciate the esteemed speakers who will honour us with their presence and will provide our Members with valuable, updated information on InfoSec current trends. Thank you Thomas Dompridis, Ioannis KypraiosChristos TopakasChristos Syngelakis and Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos.

2 CPEs will be made available to Members, upon request.


European Cybersecurity Challenge!

Good luck to the Greek Team in this year’s European Cybersecurity Challenge! (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter supports the Hellenic Team in European Cybersecurity Challenge 2022.


The Value of being an (ISC)2 Chapter Member

Your professional life revolves around Information Security but you haven’t yet reaped the benefits of being a member of (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter? The value of (ISC)2 Chapter membership is shortly presented in this new video prepared by (ISC)².

Two of our Board Members are depicted in the video. Can you find out who?


The State of Cybersecurity 2022

What are the biggest cybersecurity issues companies face today?

We invite all our members to participate in the pertinent survey conducted by Pylones Hellas SA, in association with University of Piraeus – Department of Digital Systems and IT Security Professional magazine.


Recognition from (ISC)²  

It’s all thanks to our active Members, our Volunteers and the InfoSec community that embraces our efforts towards advancing information security, sharing knowledge and helping our Members grow professionally. It’s a path and a journey.

Our Members grow stronger, together. Thank you all for your support and vote of confidence.

Read more about it in the Blog of (ISC)2


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

Stay in touch and let’s keep growing stronger, together.


CyberSecurity Awareness @ SNFCC

(ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter‘s mission includes not only advancing information security in Greece by sharing knowledge and delivering thought leadership; it also includes formal certification training for infosec professionals ( as well as cybersecurity awareness for the public.

Our Member Dimitris Manolis and our Board Members, Dimitris Georgiou and Panagiotis Soulos responded to an invitation by Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), to deliver a CyberSecurity Awareness session at their premises on the 12th of April 2022 (

This was one of the first awareness presentations we delivered with physical attendance after COVID-19 came into existence.

Stay tuned for our first post-COVID, physical-attendance (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter event addressed to our Members!


Cloud Computing Conference

Our Membership Chair, Argyris Makrygeorgou, gave one of the opening speeches at this year’s Cloud Computing Conference , organised by BOUSSIAS

He offered insights on Cloud Security and the model of Shared Responsibility and announced that (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter has started offering the official course for the Cloud Security certification (CCSP) locally, with (ISC)² certified instructors.


CyberSecurity Awareness @ SNFCC

Our next CyberSecurity Awareness initiative is hosted exclusively for the Members of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) on the 12th of April 2022. 

Our Chapter Board Members, Panagiotis SoulosDimitris Georgiou, and our Chapter Member Dimitris Manolis will be presenting the risks we face in our digital life, providing directions concerning the ways to identify such risks and deal with them. 


Super CyberKids – Episode 4

Another episode of Super CyberKids is out there!

In the fourth video of our series, we learn the way cyberbullying takes place. Should we bump into such an incident, we talk about it with our parents or teachers. We don’t pass by it, nor do we underestimate it. 
Cyberbullying is neither fun nor cool! 

A production of (ISC)2 Hellenic ChapterICSI HELLAS S.A.Homo Digitalis.


Cybersecurity Awarness – Bronze Award!

(ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter won an award for its contribution to Public CyberSecurity Awareness.

It’s a recognition of our Members’ and Volunteers’ effort and effectiveness! A big shout-out to them!

We grow stronger, together.


Cloud Computing Conference

Greece’s climate is supposed to be a mild, Mediterranean one. However, it is mid-March and it is still chilly and cloudy.

BOUSSIAS Cloud Computing Conference is coming up at the right time 😉

In such a conference that deals with Cloud Security, Containers, Serverless Computing and discussions around the benefits of going Cloud, we are honoured to participate. 

Our Membership Chair, Argyris Makrygeorgou, will be representing the (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter, delivering one of the opening speeches.  


Super CyberKids, Episode #3

The Super CyberKids series is back with a fresh, new episode!

What if personal data protection dates further back in history than we think? What if it could determine the outcome of wars? In the third video of this series, we find out that any personal data we post online, stay there forever. Should anyone gain access to them, he can use them to hurt us, many years after we originally posted them. Any personal data we post render us vulnerable and end up being a Trojan Horse to our personal life and safety.

You want the whole planet to know about it, forever? Just post it on social media!

A production of (ISC)2 Hellenic ChapterICSI HELLAS S.A.Homo Digitalis.


CyberSec Event and General Assembly

The General Assembly that took place on Monday 7th of March 18:30 did not achieve quorum. Therefore, as you had already been notified, we will hold our Repeat General Assembly on Thursday 10th of March 18:30.

For those who have already registered for the General Assembly and the CyberSec event, the March 10th agenda:

  • 18:30-19:30: General Assembly  
  • 19:30-20:00: Privileged Access Management – Your On-Ramp for Zero TrustRay Mills, Delinea
  • 20:00-20:30: The future of authentication and identificationNiklas Palaghias & Georgios Sachpatzidis, Quadible


Social Responsibility

Our Secretary, Panagiotis Soulos, delivered a presentation to parents of Costeas-Geitonas School (CGS) on Tuesday, March 1st, about the way our children can be Safe and Secure Online using the Internet Safety Resources material, made available by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and translated in Greek by (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter members..

Awareness of parents in these matters goes a long way towards our children being safe in their online interactions. Seasoned #infosec professionals, members of (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter, are acting in a socially responsible way and are laying the foundation for our children to be better equipped to handle the perils of living in an Online World.

To this end, we also started going live with our Super CyberKids series. The first two episodes are already available! Have a look at the first one and the second one. These episodes have been produced by (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter, along with ICSI HELLAS S.A. and Homo Digitalis


CyberSec Event after the General Assembly

Thursday, March 10th, is not just any Thursday.

Besides holding our General Assembly (if quorum is not met on Monday, March 7th), we will also have guests sharing info on innovative technologies and contemporary issues.

All members in good standing can register both for the General Assembly and the aforementioned event through the same form. Check your e-mailboxes

Our agenda for Thursday, March 10th:

➜18:30-19:30: General Assembly (if quorum not met on Monday, March 7th) 

➜19:30-20:00: Privileged Access Management – Your On-Ramp for Zero Trust, Ray Mills, Delinea

➜20:00-20:30: The future of authentication and identification, Niklas Palaghias & George Sachpatzidis, Quadible


Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευση

Αγαπητά μέλη του (ISC)² Hellenic Chapter,

Το ΔΣ του Σωματείου καλεί τα μέλη του στην Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευση διαδικτυακά τη Δευτέρα 7 Μαρτίου 2022 18:30 ή, σε περίπτωση που δεν επιτευχθεί απαρτία, την Πέμπτη 10 Μαρτίου 2022 18:30.

Τα θέματα της Ημερήσιας Διάταξης είναι:

  • Διοικητικός απολογισμός / πεπραγμένα έτους 2021
  • Έγκριση οικονομικών πεπραγμένων 2021 και προϋπολογισμού 2022
  • Έγκριση έκθεσης Ελεγκτικής Επιτροπής
  • Έγκριση απολογισμού του ΔΣ

Τα ταμειακά ενήμερα μέλη μπορούμε να εγγραφούμε για να προσέλθουμε στην Γενική Συνέλευση, μέχρι την Παρασκευή 4 Μαρτίου 2022 17:30, μέσω της φόρμας που λάβαμε στις email διευθύνσεις μας.

Επίσης, την Πέμπτη 10 Μαρτίου 2022 19:15, θα λάβει χώρα το επόμενο event του (ISC)² Hellenic Chapter. Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για τη θεματολογία και τους ομιλητές θα λάβετε τις επόμενες ημέρες. Θα ισχύει η εγγραφή στην προαναφερθείσα φόρμα και για το event αυτό.

Μην διστάσετε να επικοινωνήσετε στο [email protected] για οποιαδήποτε απορία.


Super CyberKids is back! Episode 2

The Super CyberKids series is back with a fresh, new episode!

In this episode, we help our children enjoy their online entertainment, while following mutually agreed and understandable rules.

The parental responsibility to educate our children extends to the online world. Don’t fool yourself!

A production of (ISC)2 Hellenic ChapterICSI HELLAS S.A.Homo Digitalis


BOUSSIAS Information Security Conference 2022

We really enjoyed BOUSSIAS Information Security Conference 2022; a lot of interesting talks and many members of (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter offering thought leadership on contemporary matters, via speeches and discussion panels. 

Our Treasurer, Dimitris Georgiou, represented (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter and gave one of the opening speeches at BOUSSIAS Information Security Conference 2022, offering an overview of major InfoSec trends that are here to stay.

He informed the public about the new (ISC)² entry-level certification and about the fact that UK NARIC has found CISSP to be comparable to an InfoSec postgraduate degree.

He also let the conference participants know that most of (ISC)² certifications have been established as de facto or de jure standards (e.g. U.S. DoD 8140/8570) for establishing one’s knowledge and real-world experience in matters of Information Security.

John ILIADIS also represented our Chapter while presenting the (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study that took place during 2021. According to the Study, the global market is looking for 2.72 million InfoSec pros but they are nowhere to be found. Join the ranks!

More info about this 2.72mil gap and the way organisations all over the world are trying to fill this gap can be found in the presentation contained herein and in the Cybersecurity Workforce Study available publicly.

Also, John ILIADIS, moderated a discussion panel of Information Security experts at BOUSSIAS Information Security Conference 2022. The panel discussed the reasons why communication between InfoSec executives and BoDs may be hindered by the subjectivity of qualitative RA along with solutions to overcome this. The panel also discussed ways to facilitate a BoD towards identifying its risk appetite and techniques to reduce the perception gap between InfoSec executives and BoDs regarding the integration of digital resilience in enterprise risk. Moreover, the panel discussed the findings of the recently published European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) Interoperable EU Risk Management Framework Report.

The experienced professionals that participated in the panel and provided valuable and updated information on the aforementioned matters were Lefteris TzelepisGeorge TsinosChristos Syngelakis , Panagiotis Soulos and Konstantinos Andreopoulos.


Safe and Secure Online – Costeas Geitonas School

Our Secretary, Panagiotis Soulos, will be delivering a presentation to parents of Costeas-Geitonas School (CGS) on Tuesday, March 1st.

He will be informing them about the way their children can be Safe and Secure Online, using the Internet Safety Resources material, made available by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and translated in Greek by (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter members.


Safe and Secure Online – Elementary School of Nikaia, Larissa

We delivered yet another Safe and Secure presentation to a school, the Elementary School of Nikaia, Larissa, on the 15th of February.

Our Treasurer and our Secretary, Dimitris Georgiou and Panagiotis Soulos were happy to discuss with parents and children the risks of living in an Online world and the measures they can take to mitigate those risks.



Safe and Secure Online – Elementary School of Nikaia, Larissa

On the 15th of February, our Treasurer and our Secretary, Dimitris Georgiou and Panagiotis Soulos, will be informing parents and children of Elementary School of Nikaia, Larissa about the way to be Safe and Secure Online. Be there!


Safe and Secure Online – Lower Secondary Experimental School of Aghii Anargyri

On the 8th of February, our Secretary and our Membership Chair, Panagiotis Soulos and Argyris Makrygeorgou, informed a wide audience of Lower Secondary Experimental School of Aghii Anargyri parents about the way to be Safe and Secure Online.

A vivid discussion with many interesting Q&A followed our presentation.


Social Media; should our children be cautious?

Could a teenage football team win a match by spying the social media of their opponents? In the first video of this series, we learn the reason why we should be cautious about the kind and quantity of personal data we share over social media.

Seize the opportunity, while there’s still time for it!

A production of (ISC)2 Hellenic ChapterICSI HELLAS S.A.Homo Digitalis


Safer Internet Day 2022

Wait no more, Safer Internet Day 2022 is here 🙂

As promised, we ‘ve come up with quite a few things to celebrate this day!

We ‘ve arranged with BOUSSIAS for a special 20% discount on the ticket for this year’s InfoSec conference ( You ‘ll find the coupon code in your mailboxes by Wednesday afternoon. Many of our Members, among others, will be presenting interesting and contemporary topics! George Fetokakis, you came up with an impressive speaker lineup!

Also, we are organising a draw among our Members in good standing; three draw winners will each win a FREE ticket to BOUSSIAS’s InfoSec conference. Our lucky Members will be notified via email by Thursday afternoon and be expected to reply back. Check your mailboxes lest you missed the opportunity 🙂

Last, but not least, you ‘ve already seen our preannouncement on LinkedIn and Website. We will be posting in the next few months a series of education videos to help you and your children inform yourselves quickly and effectively about the online world risks and the way to handle them. Stay tuned! Videos were produced by (ISC)2 Hellenic ChapterICSI HELLAS S.A. and Homo Digitalis


Pre-announcement for series of education videos

Has your kid posted online to social media more info than he should? You haven’t managed to explain him the way one can act with safety in the online world? Are you finding out about bullying and exploitation incidents in the online world but you don’t know how to approach and inform your kid?


Follow the series of education videos we will be posting in the next few months, to help you and your children inform yourselves quickly and effectively about the online world risks and the way to handle them.

A production of (ISC)2 Hellenic ChapterICSI HELLAS S.A.Homo Digitalis


Safe and Secure Online – Raising Parents’ Awareness

We know you ‘re wondering; how will we celebrate Safer Internet Day 2022 (8th of February)?

Well, for starters, Panagiotis Soulos and Argyris Makrygeorgou will be informing parents of Lower Secondary Experimental School of Aghii Anargyri about the way to be Safe and Secure Online.

We ‘ll use the Internet Safety Resources material, made available by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and translated in Greek by (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter members.

Are we preparing anything else for you, due to the upcoming Safer Internet Day 2022?

Stay tuned!


5th InsurTech Conference 2022

Our Treasurer, Dimitris Georgiou, talked about contemporary digital forensics techniques at the 5th annual InsurTech conference organised by BOUSSIAS; he presented ways to improve the cyberinsurance claim validation and investigation procedure. 

Vicky Pavlatou, thank you for inviting the (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter to present this topic in this year’s InsurTech; another conference with experienced speakers conveying interesting and intriguing ideas.


(ISC)² New Year Party!

We had a great time on the 27th of January, at our New Year’s Party; vivid discussions regarding incident response, cyber resilience and upcoming security-related regulations, among others. Cheers to all our members for brainstorming on topics the Chapter should provide more info, during 2022 at our members-only events.

What’s most important, we enjoyed each other’s company, we had fun and we had the opportunity to cut our virtual New Year’s Cake! There were six lucky pennies this year, in the cake 🙂

Our members who won the first three lucky pennies will be receiving exciting gifts on behalf of the Chapter, while the next three pennies brought along a 100% discount coupon for our Chapter’s 1-year membership fee.

Unfortunately, the commemorative photo couldn’t fit us all. A virtual gathering always falls short, compared to a physical one. Hopefully, next year we will have the chance to have our New Year’s Party at an actual physical location, with physical attendance, mingling and enjoying each other’s company.

We wish you a very successfull and secure New Year. Above all, stay safe and healthy!


(ISC)² New Year Party coming up

Our chapter is having the New Year Party on Thursday, January 27th 2022, 19:00. You are all invited!

Hopefully, this will be the last New Year’s Cake that we will cut via Microsoft Teams! It seems there’s a chance next year we will have our New Year’s party with physical attendance, at an actual physical location. 

There will be six lucky pennies in this New Year’s Cake! 

Chapter Members in good standing who will participate in the event will enter a draw to win one out of three lucky pennies, each one corresponding to one of the following gifts:
–A Fortigate 40F
–A TP-Link Deco M5 kit of 3 APs
–A Google Nest Hub

Anyone from the public who will participate in the event will enter a draw to win one out of three lucky pennies; each one of those pennies corresponds to a 1-year membership to our Chapter, free of charge!

Besides that, we’re holding a public talk with contemporary topics that concern us all, namely:
–Supply Chain 
–Cloud Security 
–Zero Trust 
–Productivity Tools vs Security & Privacy

The event will, of course, be interactive and you could join in our discussion and also propose adhoc subjects. 

Our Members in good standing can use this form to RSVP ( until Wednesday 26th of January 2021 17:00. The resulting list will be used for the lucky penny draw, out of our Members who will attend the event. The draw will determine the prize winners corresponding to the first set of three lucky pennies.

Members of the public can use this form to RSVP ( until Wednesday 26th of January 2021 17:00. The resulting list will be used for the lucky penny draw, out of members of the public who will attend the event. The draw will determine the prize winners who will win one of our 1-year Chapter memberships.

See you on Thursday !

Important Notice: The event will be recorded and parts or all of it, will be posted publicly on our social media. If you do not wish to be identified, you can use an alias and/or not open your camera/microphone.


(ISC)² Scholarship Review Panels

(ISC)²-certified professionals can apply to join the (ISC)² scholarship review panels. Read more about it on the website of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education.


Entry-level certification!

A new Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certification is available from (ISC)². Sign up to take the ELCC exam and show potential employers you have what it takes to learn and grow into a critical cybersecurity role. The first exam starts January 31! 


InsurTech Conference 2022

BOUSSIAS is preparing for the 5th InsurTech Conference, to take place on the 25th of January. Our Treasurer, Dimitris Georgiou, will be there to present contemporary digital forensics techniques and ways to improve cyberInsurance claim validation and investigation. 

Have you registered yet, or is it in this week’s list?


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

From all of us at (ISC)² Hellenic Chapter: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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