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(ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Elections results and new board can be found here

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Official (ISC)2 CBK Training Seminar for the CISSP in Athens: 04-06/12/2017 & 11-13/12/2017 @ OTEACADEMY
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Current Board of Officers as elected from the elections of 2017:

Board of Officers


 Kostas Papadatos, CISSP-ISSMP



 Andreas Koidis, CISSP



 Alexis Belsis, CISSP


Membership Chair

 Stathis Mavrovouniotis, CISSP


Training and Events

 George Aslanidis, CISSP


Communication and Social Media

 Ioannis Koukouras, CISSP



 Thanassis Diogos, CISSP


Audit Committee

Chair Kostas Charalabopoulos
Member Nikos   Georgopoulos
Member Nikos   Niskopoulos

Voting results as follows


  • Papadatos Kostas
  • Koidis Andreas
  • Thanasis Diogos
  • Aslanidis George
  • Mavrovouniotis Stathis
  • Belsis Alexis
  • Koukouras Yiannis

Audit Committee:

  • Georgopoulos Nikos
  • Charalobopoulos Kostas
  • Niskopoulos Nikos




Previous Board of Officers

President  Kostas Papadatos, CISSP-ISSMP  k.papadatos{at}
Treasurer  George Aslanidis, CISSP  g.aslanidis{at}
Secretary  Andreas Koidis, CISSP  a.koidis{at} 
Membership Chair  Panagiotis Trimintzios, CISSP  p.trimintzios{at}
Member  Thanassis Diogos, CISSP  th.diogos{at}
Member  Stathis Mavrovouniotis, SSCP  s.mavrovouniotis{at}

Audit Committee

Chair Katerina   Kalimeri, CISSP
Member Nikos   Georgopoulos
Member Nikos   Niskopoulos, CISSP